2018 Horoscope for Virgo

2018 Horoscope for Virgo

Jupiter in your 12th house of self-renewal, past karma and subconscious has put you on an intense spiritual journey for the past year and when he moves into your sign August 11-mid 2017, the world is your cosmic oyster! You enter a year of prosperity, good luck and soul liberating good fortune. For a hard worker life yourself who doesn't necessarily believe in 'right place, right time' magic - this is the time to believe in it.

There will be a lunar eclipse in your money house April 4, 2018. This will produce necessary financial changes - generally through an upheaval or crisis. The cosmos tends to force you to make changes that have long been needed. Your partner could also come into money or start making more money and better benefits which has a nice trickle-down effect for you. Venus makes a rare retrograde from July 25 - September 6 - she only does this every 2 years or so. Review finances during this time and if changes need to be made, make them.

You probably won't date as much as you would like to in 2018. You will be more picky than usual and your dating and love focus will be on quality not quantity. Socially you won't be as busy either and it is unlikely you will meet anyone to settle down with this year. Love, if it's real needs time to develop - so give it the time it needs. There's no rush and you will have some false starts for sure. You are always idealistic in love and are on a constant search for the perfect kind of love and lover. Problem is that in 2018 your standards will be so high that few mere mortals can live up to them.

Consciously Coupled:
2018 is the year your relationships will get tested. Saturn the disciplinarian is making stressful aspects to your love planet Neptune most of the year. There will be a break when things are better when Saturn retrogrades (June 15-September 18) but basically Saturn impacts you negatively this year and it's something that might make you really consider if your partnership is real. The stress will point out in technicolour the weak areas so that they can be corrected. Fundamentally sound relationships will only get better. It's a year to flush out the toxins in your partnership once and for all, or free yourself from a stale relationship.

Your career will be fairly status quo in 2018 - some years are like that. You seem content with things just the way they are. Job seekers have had excellent aspects since July of 2016 and this continues through August 11, 2018. Then Jupiter enters your sign and all bets are off. Put out feelers to see if people you went to Uni with are able to get you an interview or job with some new startup company you can be a real part of. Social media is a great way to stumble upon something fab too. Friends and family connections are also useful too. It might also be good to get involved in charities or good causes as they too can lead to employment.

You will have extraordinary ESP in 2018. 6 degrees of separation and coincidences will become common place. Many of you may feel blocked from your dreams unless you are open to them, listen to them and the messages they send you throughout the year. Neptune in your relationship zone brings new messengers into your life who will teach you to be more open and receive spiritual guidance. When you are in the right frame of mind, Divine contact will be easy Virgos.

Best Month: September
Difficult Month: December