2018 Horoscope for Pisces

2018 Horoscope for Pisces

There are a lot of exciting cosmic happenings in your chart in 2018 Pisces. Neptune your ruler, the planet of mysticism and surrealism is in your sign all year long - and for the first time in 150 years she is gracing your sign. This in itself is enough to make you follow your dreams to the max and not allow anything or anyone to stop you or rain on your cosmic parade. Neptune at her very best both publicly and personally is all about hiding out and trying to shine at the same time. Do yourself a favour this year Pisces. Run, don't walk away from anything or anyone that offends you or makes you physically flinch, regardless of the reason or who they are. Jupiter the planet of good luck moves into your relationship zone August 11- August 2017 and your love life and life in general will pick up, blossom and grow.

Uranus the planet of the unusual has been in your money house for some years now. You are in a very exciting and frenetic financial cycle. You tend to be a risk taker in finance by nature but these days even more so. However this can mean some highs and lows in your bank balance and saving for that proverbial rainy day has never been more important than it is in 2018. Don't worry too much about this however as it is a natural and cyclical cycle, where for every new and exciting product that is developed there are twenty inventions that flop and fail miserably. Staying up to date with the latest innovations and technology is vital for you to keep ahead of the game and listening to your financial intuition which is excellent this year - especially until August 11.

On the love front for most of the year, nothing special one way or another happens - it's a kind of static time when you are dating casually but not meeting anyone worthy of your time and company. That all changes quickly when Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and abundance moves into Virgo August 11 where he stays through August 2017. The last time Jupiter was in your 7th house was 12 years ago, so it's been a while. In general the latter part of the year will mean more parties, more social activities and many more opportunities to meet potential partners. Love is more practical for you this year and you are seeking the good provider, the person who can help you career wise, the person of power or the person who can provide a warm and loving family life for you. However don't get involved in relationships of convenience. Love should be the most consideration. Red hot Mars, Venus and Jupiter combine in Virgo October 10-November 10. This is your month to find 'the one' Pisces.

Consciously Coupled:
You and your other half pick up speed during the latter part of the year and if you're looking for the perfect time to get married or have a commitment ceremony, October is the perfect month for you to do so. For those of you in love, real love is shown through serving the interests of the beloved - doing for your beloved without having to be asked and without feeling as if you have to do it. Picking up dry cleaning, unloading the dishwasher, walking the dog (without being asked) to coming home with tickets to something you know they will love to see or a surprise trip to somewhere fun are things that will spice things up for you. August - November are banner love months so enjoy!

Your career could be quite stressful this year. Saturn the planet of time and limitations will spend the year on or very near your Mid-heaven. And while this doesn't mean failure - on the contrary it often brings success - but it comes the hard way, through work and merit. Sometimes this aspect shows a demanding boss or restrictions within the work place which limit your creative flow. The best way to deal with this is to give the boss more than is asked for. Exceed their expectations. Don't shirk the work or your responsibility. Your career planet Jupiter is in shine bright Leo until August 11. Some of you will still be able to have fun at work - but you might find it a bit of a struggle at times.

Spirituality is extremely important to you Pisces and with Neptune in your sign since 2012, never more so. Neptune reveals the refinement and spiritualization of the body. The body is becoming ever more sensitive to spiritual vibrations making it vital that you seek out uplifting and spiritually likeminded souls who only have your best interests at heart and vice versa. Physical energy vibrations keep us young and glowing. Minimum use of alcohol and drugs is a great way to keep your body healthy as you Pisces do tend to have a very sensitive constitution and your body can overreact to stimulants and such.

Best Month: July
Difficult Month: November