2018 Horoscope for Gemini

2018 Horoscope for Gemini

You're coming out of a strong prosperity cycle in 2018. The years 2014-2016 have been happy and prosperous for the majority of you. Some of you will want to write down all that you have achieved and start disseminating your knowledge through the written or spoken word. Your main focus in 2018 is communication. Keeping the lines of communication open and finding new and stimulating intellectual interests is vital in 2018. Jupiter in your short travel zone through August 11 also suggests that commuting to work won't be as bad as it sounds as you will have time to reflect, think, read and meditate.

The last 2 years have been financially profitable for the majority of you and many of you had made leaps and bounds in your work and your money making capabilities. Money is not such a big issue for you this year - in fact your money house is basically empty so don't expect that the promotions and bonuses will continue in 2018. Your finances are doing just fine and there is no need to panic or make moves when they're not sound moves or dodgy moves.

You are not likely to get into a super serious relationship or marry this year Gemini's. In fact the Universe advises against seriously committing this year at all. In general there is less dating, less partying and going out. Saturn the planet of life lessons in your relationship zone is the main reasons why and this is a time when the emphasis should be on quality not quantity. Now is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the fruit from the peel. If you go on one date and you know in your heart of hearts he or she is not compatible with you, don't try to sugar coat things and make something work that isn't ever going to work.
Saturn in your relationship zone for most of 2018 can create a perception of aloofness and coldness to others. People respond to this Saturn energy running through you. Make sure you project warmth and openness more than usual and whatever you do, don't tell too much about yourself too soon.

Consciously Coupled:
Taskmaster Saturn in your relationship zone for the next 2.5 years will test those of you in serious relationships. Some of you will make it, some of you won't. If you're happy and can get through the cosmic hoops Saturn puts you through your partnership will be stronger than ever. Mental compatibility is vitally important to you when involved with someone and if that is missing, it's something that could break up a relationship. Ease of communication is an important turn on in love.
On August 4 Venus moves into your home and family zone signaling a shift in your love attitudes and needs. You will crave emotional support and intimacy now more than ever and for those of you who are with someone who is rather icy and withdrawn at times, chances are you will be looking for someone else by the end of the year.
Some of you will quite literally run into an ex and rekindle that romance while others will meet someone who reminds you of an ex in many ways and on an emotional level, you feel as if you are with 'the one who got away' again.

Jupiter the planet of good luck and expansion remains in your 3rd house of communication through August 11. Many Geminis work in the entertainment, digital, communications world - PR, marketing and writing and there are great opportunities for those of you who do work in these fields.
The other message we are getting for you in career in 2018 is that you need to trust your instinct more than ever. If you land a fab new gig but feel as if something is missing or something isn't quite right, trust in that and work out why you feel influx. Ever since Neptune the planet of mysticism and fantasy moved into your 10th house of career in 2012 you've been a lot more idealistic in career matters. That continues throughout 2018 and with Uranus the planet of eccentric people and ideas in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship, many of you could go into business with someone in a most unexpected way.

Saturn in your relationship zone shows a need to project love and warmth to others. This can be hard work for you air signs. You tend to talk about things but in a rational way without too much emotion. A good meditation for this in 2018 it to allow 'divine love to radiate through your consciousness'. Work on your lovey-dovey, warm and cuddly skills in 2018. Mercury your ruler is a fast moving planet - rarely spending more than a few weeks in each sign, so this often makes you slightly moody - when one month you're feeling social and the next you're hibernating with your mobile off! Balance that out if you can in 2018.

Best Month: May
Difficult Month: September