2018 Horoscope for Aries

2018 Horoscope for Aries

Uranus the planet of the unpredictable continues to rule over your sign this year. Change, change and continuous change is in your stars and for those of you who cling to the ways of old, you will keep getting the same results. If you're not happy with something about yourself or your life or both -change it. Keeping in harmony and union with the Universe is a good idea for you in 2018. Jupiter the lucky planet continues to embrace your self-fulfillment zone, so whatever you feel in your heart and mind that you want or need to be truly happy, then that's what you set your heart and mind on!

Your money house is not a house of power in 2018. This could be a financial weakness. Perhaps you're not paying enough attention. You will have to force yourself to focus here and not spend money you don't have which is something you do way too often.
With lucky Jupiter in your 5th house until August 11 shows luck in speculations. If you are in the creative arts there is good fortune to be had in 2018. The year ahead also looks good for an inheritance in an unexpected way. Not necessarily through a death either. Some of you will have increases in your line of credit and have easier access to outside capita. Trying to launch your own business? You'll attract backers once you are up and running and from August 11 onwards can expect people to come out of the woodwork.

Your relationship zone is not a house of power this year, so things will generally stay the same for most of you. If you're single, you will remain single. Sorry for those of you hoping to hear that the love of your life is right around the cosmic corner and who knows... depending on your rising sign and what else is in your chart, he or she may very well be.
However just because there is no marriage in the forecast doesn't mean you won't have some hot and heavy affairs. Venus the lover in your sign along with Mars the passionista in your sign in March make it prime time to meet someone special. Venus will form a time with Jupiter March 4 and if you happen to meet a Sagittarius or Leo, they're hand made for you! June and July ALSO seem to be especially active in the love department. Best not to rush into anything though Aries (as you are usually prone to do). Being friends as well as lovers is not something many of you are used to either, however in 2018 with Uranus the planet of eccentricity in your sign, you will meet people and become fast friends with people you would never have done a few years ago.

Consciously Coupled:
While the majority of you will stay married this year, you might feel hemmed in and not free to do what you really want to do. Uranus in your first house along with Saturn in your 9th house is giving you a bigger passion than usual for personal freedom. Freedom trumps relationships. A committed relationship is by definition a limitation of personal freedom and therein lies the problem. The ideal lover is someone who will give you lots of freedom, leverage to do what you need to do in order to make you a better partner and lover. In September Jupiter the planet of opportunity and good luck moves into your 6th house of hard work, health and well-being. Getting fit with your partner is something you will want to do. If your partner isn't that interested in being healthier, it could cause issues for you towards the end of the year.

Your career life will pick up considerably and in some cases, you will land a dream or make a happy change within your present company. Saturn your career planet shifts back and forth between Sagittarius and Scorpio this year. It zig zags. Until June 15 Saturn will be in Sagittarius your 9th house of philosophy and higher understanding. There are job opportunities in other lands too after August 11. It also shows increased business related travel. If you're asked to travel, make sure you do.

Aries generally have a strong sense of self-esteem. But lately with the Moon's south node in your 1st house, your self-esteem has not been what it should have been in recent years. There is definitely a feeling of deficiency here. Often you can become over-bearing and excessively arrogant. Avoid this trap like the plague Aries in 2018. This is by recognizing that you are a son or daughter of the Most High - an immortal spiritual being incarnated in a body. You are not your body or personality, but the being that uses these things for its own purposes. A good meditation for this is: "I am an immortal being of light, I am one with the Universe and in perfect harmony with the Universe". Repeat this to yourself a few times a day- especially when you feel low.

Best Month: March
Difficult Month: May