2018 Horoscope for Sagittarius

2018 Horoscope for Sagittarius

The major cosmic headline of 2018 is Saturn's move into your sign where he stays for the next 2.5 years. Thus your happy go lucky Sag personality will be in more serious and somber mood. Your overall energy is not up to its usual standards and some of you will start to feel as if you are maturing, growing into your body and mind. For those of you turning 30 or 60 this year, you are commencing your Saturn return - a pivotal cosmic coming of age. Thinking about your future, even your retirement, your Superannuation, your lifestyle and how to get the most out of your money is definitely going to be uppermost in your mind this year

Money and financial opportunities will seek you out this year versus you having to look too far and wide for them. Pluto your spiritual growth planet is in your money house and you are still very much in 'miracle money' mode. Your challenge is to access your spiritual wealth as much as your real money wealth, which will come naturally without any real effort. Pluto in your money house shows other things. If you are of an appropriate age, you are doing more estate planning this year. Many of you have tax inheritances or have been named in someone's will. Taxes and tax implications are influencing many of your financial decisions - especially now with increased earnings happening.

Fast moving Mercury is your love planet and follows the Sun through the planets. So your love life is up and down and often you date a few different people at once. In 2018 you might not have as much time or inclination to be dating as much and instead find someone to be your 'boyfriend or girlfriend' for a while. Your most active find love period will be from May 1 - June 21 - a time when you could meet people who are partner material. Leos, Aries and Gemini's are all great matches for you. With communicator Mercury as your love planet communication is extremely important for you in a mate. You gravitate towards people who are easy to talk to, and who definitely have the gift of the gab and who are street smart.

Consciously Coupled:
For those of you who have swung back and forth on the 'commitment swing' 2018 is a year when many of you will decide to take the cosmic plunge. Saturn in your sign suggests a much more stable you and a time when you will consider having children, getting married or moving overseas to be with your partner. If you don't live together, this is the year when it will make sense to co-habitat and to cut down on expenses by sharing one home. If on the flip side you realize that you and your partner are hopelessly mismatched and you are now on a more rigid and set life path, Venus retrograding in Leo your spiritual zone mid-year will definitely help you see the flaws in your partnership. If they are fixable, great. If not, some of you will consider moving on without your other half - at least temporarily.

Looking and feeling the part is as much a part of your career life as hard work and dedication is this year. Invest in a new wardrobe or more professional look - whether that means cutting your hair, curtailing your social activities or dressing more conservatively. Saturn the disciplinarian in your first house of ego and personality for the next 2.5 years is the catalyst that will propel you forward into major career success and prosperity. Mercury the ruler of your career zone as well as your charm zone suggests that your personality and sunny disposition despite tough work times will make you the office favourite and in a prime spot for promotion this year.

There is a need in 2018 to elevate the whole feeling nature this year - to raise your vibrations to Mother Nature and the rhythms of your body, mind and soul. Chanting, singing, poetry, dancing and drumming - will be powerful for you. With Neptune the most spiritual of all the planets continuing his journey through your 4th house of home and family this year, your spiritual growth and life is centered at home and within your family. The mundane tasks at home can be converted to powerful rituals. Washing the dishes, vacuuming can actually be therapeutic if you do it your chores with the right attitude.

Best Month: February
Difficult Month: September