2018 Horoscope for Libra

2018 Horoscope for Libra

Saturn the planet of focus and discipline in your communication zone for the year and through 2018 is an authority figure who isn't afraid to be blunt, but your usual technique is to dance merrily around any answer that might sting someone while you're working on a hundred ways to say it nicely. Prepare yourself and more importantly let people know that you're not going to simply get along with everyone and go along with everyone just to keep things nice and happy. You are going to be much more honest and upfront in 2018 which will shock many.

Uranus has been impacting your finances since 2012 and has brought some dramatic highs and lows with your money and income. It's been a feast or a famine at times and while stressful, you've learnt to deal with it. Finances are OK through August 11 until Jupiter moves into Virgo, making very nice aspects to your financial sector. Earnings should increase, overall wealth likewise. The latter part of 2018 is going to be much more prosperous than the first half for sure.
Real estate is something you will make money from in 2018 - or you could benefit from an inheritance of some kind. With Pluto as your financial planet you are someone who likes to make other people rich and are good at making other people money. 2018 is the year to turn that art and gift into making money for yourself.

This is a year to enjoy your relationships as they are without trying to project too much on to them. People will come and go in your life but the love and friendship will always remain. You'll be attracted to unconventional people in 2018 - Aquarians and Sagittarians are both great matches. Artists, creative types and people who don't necessarily make a lot of money or drive a fancy car but who make you laugh and appreciate you for who you are. Not always easy to find but you will find them, with Jupiter the planet of good luck in your hopes and wishes zone through August 11. Then when Jupiter moves into your 12th house of past karma August 11 - August 2017 some of you will reconnect with an ex that you never really forgot about. Venus in your sign November 8 - December 4 makes the end of the year a great time to meet someone special.

Consciously Coupled:
Your love life has been complicated of late and continues to be unstable in 2018. You have more freedom than ever within your relationship - and this can be both good and bad. Freedom can often lead to being tempted to stray or have some kind of interaction with others that might not be appropriate if you are in a partnership.
If you are married, your relationship is being severely tested (especially if this is your first marriage). Uranus the planet of the unexpected and eccentricity in your opposite sign of Aries and your relationship zone is the reason that the cosmos is throwing you so many relationship curveballs the past few years. Some of the strongest marriages will survive, many will fail or be strongly tested. If you want your union to work and to last, it will take a lot of work and commitment. Most people are not willing to pay this kind of price

Neptune the planet of mysticism and fantasy will continue moving through your 6th house of hard work, health and well-being and since this lovely lady does tend to bring dreams and fantasies as part of her entourage, you might not be seeing things clearly - unless you listen to your intuition. You could quit your secure job for a job you think is going to be more creative, exciting and take you places. However if you meet a group of peers that you feel are like minded and on the same career projector that you are, going into business with this group is definitely something to consider while Jupiter is in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship through August 11. Leos and Aquarians are great business partners for you.

Spiritual improvement is going to be a major focus in 2018 for you Librans. Spiritual healing is about invoking a power that is above the mind and above the mental process - and allowing it to heal the mind and eventually the body. When you are spiritually blocked, you can often become ill or down on energy. Unblocking your chakras and psychological clutter isn't easy, however in 2018 it's possible.

Best Month: November
Difficult Month: April