2018 Horoscope for Aquarius

2018 Horoscope for Aquarius

You've had 2 very prosperous years and now comes the challenge this year. Saturn the planet of 'setting the bar high' has moved into your hopes, dreams and wishes zone, making stressful aspects to your financial planet Neptune. Earnings will come but with much more effort and if you are involved in a business with a friend(s), there could be some tension mid-year when Venus the planet of love and charm retrogrades in your relationship and partnership zone. Uranus your ruler has been in your communication zone for some years now and continues his journey through Aries. You will be much more focused on communication, intellectual interests and travel in 2018

Your prosperity and ease when making money and climbing up the corporate ladder continues in 2018. Prosperity is still good for you but may come with more challenges after August 11, when Jupiter moves into Virgo, your joint investment zone. You will have to rely more on others to do their part in making you money which is stressful for the majority of you who run a tight financial ship. Venus rules money too and with her out of phase you might feel as if your partner or business associate is taking advantage of you in some way financially.

You have been in a fabulous love and romantic period since July 2016, when Jupiter the planet of abundance moved into your 7th house of partnerships - where he remains through August 11. Those of you looking are likely to find someone worth finding this year. Some of you will enter into a relationship that is 'like a marriage' with everything but the paperwork. And as one of the brightest and tech savvy signs in the zodiac, you have no issue with finding love online. In fact you often prefer it that way as you can do it at your own pace and when you're feeling good about yourself. Friendship is extremely important to you and in 2018 some of you could realize you've been in love with a friend all along - you just didn't want to admit it. Leos, Sagittarians and Aries are all great matches for you and even more so if they are foreign and exotic!

Consciously Coupled:
Your romantic life is basically wonderful this year with Jupiter in Leo through August 11 and Venus spending 4 months in Leo June 6 - October 9. In your partnership zone, this is heaven! However Venus retrograding in Leo July 25 - September 6 could put a cosmic crimp in your love/sex life as she tends to bring up issues that can hurt a partnership. Venus is all too happy to point out that fact that you are not as lovey-dovey as you were when you first met or you're not as rambunctious in the boudoir. Or you could start to feel as if you are constantly nagging your other half or vice versa - so not sexy! Plus some of your social challenges will be coming from your friends. Friendships are getting 'stress tested' and you could be torn between your loyalty to your partner and your loyalty to your friends. If a couple in your group break up and you are asked to take sides it can get rather murky.

Luck is definitely on your side again regarding career in 2018, with Jupiter and Venus helping you put on the charm when necessary. And for some of you, career pressures ease up and you don't have such a demanding boss or schedule as you once had. Saturn is now mostly out of your career house and apart from a retrograde period June 15 - September 18, you are free and clear of his limitations. Furthermore Jupiter will start to make beautiful aspects to your career planet Pluto after August 11. All the hard work of the past 2 years will start to pay off and promotions and pay rises will head your way.

Saturn is your spiritual planet. Thus in 2018 you need more spiritual type friends around you. And this will happen for you as spiritual compatibility is probably the most important consideration in friendship for you this year. So focus on meeting likeminded people and you will meet them Aquarius. Friendships of all kinds are very important to you with Saturn the planet of focus settling into your friendship zone this year. Opening a business with friends - either silent partners or fully involved partners is something that could happen for some of you. Once Venus is out of phase you will go through a rather painful weeding out process - eliminating those people who really are the wrong kinds of people to be spending time with.

Best Month: April
Difficult Month: November