2018 Horoscope for Cancer

2018 Horoscope for Cancer

This is your year to learn and teach - depending on your stage of life. Now that Saturn the planet of focus and discipline has set up camp in your 6th house of health, well-being, hard work and service to others, you are going to learn how to get into tip-top shape and really study up on how to eat well, exercise properly and maintain your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Jupiter the planet of abundance has been occupying your money house since mid-May of 2017 and will be there until August 11 this year. This aspect shows a person who is catching the lucky financial breaks. So it might be wise to invest harmless sums on a lottery or in some other kind of speculation, such as raffles and a flutter on the ponies.
Assets you own will increase in value with Jupiter in your 2nd house of self-esteem and cash flow. Something you bought a few years back which you thought was basically worthless could have skyrocketed in value - such as a car, a painting, jewellery or even real estate. Your financial horizons are greatly expanded through August 11, so make sure you take advantage.

Pluto has been in your love life zone for the past few years, which is causing a cosmic detox in your love and dating life. Pluto is the planet of extremes and rebirth and in many ways, you have gone through some pretty interesting and rough dating and relationship patches. This year there will be love and social opportunities at the workplace. There will also be opportunities to meet someone worth meeting at the gym or while pursuing your spiritual path. Foreigners and foreign places are conducive to love as well. Your best matches are Scorpios and Pisces and with Venus in your sign in May, it's a great month for you to make a lasting connection.

Consciously Coupled:
Saturn your love planet made a major move late last year moving out of your romance zone and into your health zone. This shows an important shift in your love attitudes. For the past 2 years, love was about fun and entertainment. It might have been difficult for you get out of the honeymoon phase and some of you were in denial in many ways about problems with your partner. 2018 makes sure you are more than aware of the issues in your relationship and the things you need to work on. Love is shown through practical service. If you love someone you will help them out with everything - fun and mundane, work and family. If there are issues in your partnership, the stars suggest a foreign trip to spice things up mid-year.

Your job life is exciting but in some instances unstable in 2018. Dramatic changes happened last year both personally and professionally workwise and some of you feel as if you have fallen behind in terms of technological advances and keeping up you're your younger coworkers coming up the ranks. Staying up to date with the latest gadgets and social media sites is vital for success in 2018.
Industries that cater to children - such as entertainment and music are always good jobs for you and there are many nonprofit companies you can apply to. Job opportunities could come to you overseas or through foreign companies as well and if you are able to take the job, you will really enjoy it and benefit from having that experience on your c.v.

Pluto has been in your 7th house of relationships and love for many years. The love pangs and disappointment some of you are feeling right now are giving birth to the love life of your dreams - to your ideal love life. Keep your eye on the prize and if true love and your soul mate is what you want this year, you will have to kiss a lot of frogs before meeting your Prince or go through a lot of lows and highs, therapy and discussion to get there.

Best Month: January
Difficult Month: April